A collaborative project between Megan Calver and Prof. Kate Galvin with Prof. Les Todres from the Centre for Qualitative Research at The School of Health and Social Care, Bournemouth University.

Work made for the project was shown as part of the exhibition Inter- conceived with Val Bogan and Carol Harvey for the Atrium Gallery at Bournemouth University from 10 November to 23 December 2011.

Kate Galvin and Les Todres work towards an understanding of the experiences of others within health and social care contexts. They use phenomenological research and analysis methods to arrive at detailed descriptions relating to concrete experience. A further phase involves re-writing each description as a parallel 'embodied interpretation' informed by feelings in the body. This allows them to communicate their findings in a more evocative and empathic way. Together they practice an aesthetic phenomenology that exercises poetic forms of writing to convey actionable knowledge.

But if these detailed descriptions could also be re-written as material things, what might those things be?